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Tumble Dryer
Tumble Dryer: * A reputable brand in garment and laundry industry. * The MT automatic tumble dryer emphasizes simplicity, and quality in products designed for heavy duty laundry applications in: * Laundry shop * School laundry * Knitting and textile industry * Hospital laundry * Military bases laund
Detwisting and Hydro-Extracting Machine
Detwisting and Hydro-Extracting Machine: Application: * The balloon type auto Detwisting and Hydro-Extracting machine is designed for the treatment of the fabric in tubular form such as 100% cotton, CVC, T/C or other delicate fabric. * Dewisting, Relaxing, Hydro-Extracting, and chemical treatment in
Felt Type Calendering Compactor
Product ID: CS1-1 Felt Type Calendering Compactor ( CS1-1)Felt Type Calendering Compactor: -- For tubular knitted fabrics. * Suitable for the finishing of 100% cotton tubular knitted fabrics. * For the stabilization of knitted tubular fabrics, with automatic control of the width overfeeding calender

About Us

AskMe is an innovative manufacturer for screen printing machine for textile industries. AskMe is the world's foremost manufacturer of Oval Type Screen Printing Machine and successfully expending into the worldwide market.

AskMe INTERGROUP CO., LTD. has been established since 1995 and has specialized in making and supplying printing and finishing machines for the textile industry, and also offers whole line planning as well as engineering & technical services.

AskMe ahead of other manufacturers, in 1999 we successfully completed the sale and manufacture of our first, innovative, Oval Type Screen Printing Machine in the world market.

We also have patents already granted and in effect from Germany, USA, Japan, China and Taiwan.